Pre-Advice messages

Receive an extra confirmation on your transactions with pre-advice messages. With our pre-advice
message services, we’ll ensure you an effective and timely service enabling you to have peace of mind
without having to go through complex banking paperwork processes.

What is Pre Advice Message?

A pre-advice message is a message sent between two banks that are involved in a transaction to ensure
the safety of the wire transfers when large sums of money are involved. It is issued by one bank to
another bank notifying the issuance of documentary credit and advising receiving bank to sends their
acknowledgement. The main objective of the message is to reconfirm all the details provided by the
recipient is correct before the wire transfer and get assured that the beneficiary has a way to withdraw
money from the bank. The advising bank will also notify the beneficiary without opening advice of credit
thus enabling the seller to reconfirm to process the buyer’s order.

Pre Advice Message Services with Pacific Corp

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