Documentary Letter of Credit

Ensure transaction safety in your business deals. Choose a Documentary Letter of Credit- a guarantee
for the safe execution of a contract or payment obligation with a reputable trade finance solution
provider in the UK like Pacific Corp. With years of experience under our belt, we ensure you fast and
effective service surpassing your expectations.

What is a Documentary Letter of Credit?

Documentary Letter of Credit is an assurance provided by a bank or trade finance institutions to ensure the
importer/buyer, that they receive the goods under the terms and conditions as initially set out and
payment to the supplier as pre-agreed. It is ideal for meeting short-term needs and for new business
relationships. The bank or the financial institution will act as an intermediator ensuring both parties
terms specified in the DLC are completely fulfilled to receive the payment. In an event of when the
buyer is unable to pay after the terms specified in the DLC are fulfilled, seller/exporter can make a
compliant document presentation demanding payment, to which the bank or financial institution is
obligated to pay.

Best Documentary Letter of Credit services in Uk

Offering you a reliable documentary letter of credit service in Uk for businesses of all sizes and
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